Released 30th March 2022

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In the late 80's, Sepp Osley began a tumultuous journey from his homeland of Iran that would see his family’s escape from the war torn country caught in the grips of one of the bloodiest and most devastating conflicts of the 20th century. With a father serving as a celebrated general in the war at the time but knowing a chance for a better life would only be attained in further, distant lands, the family set off on a voyage leaving behind everything and everyone they knew and loved.

Their trek would lead them to Canada by way of Turkey, Greece, Germany and finally Toronto where as immigrants, a new life would begin and new dreams would be pursued where they no longer were possible in the homelands they left behind.

It is here where Sepp's musical story began and would be embraced growing up with the popular music of the West, while always shadowed and followed by the ancient sounds and melodies of his homeland. It is this marriage of East and West that now sees a whole new album of songs that combine Sepp's ancient ancestral roots with his London UK band's Rock 'N' Roll foundation.

In an Instagram post Sepp explains:

"For so many years I would hear the melodies of the far east, my homelands, giving rise and inspiration to the great bands and artists of the West from Pink Floyd to The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, and many more of my musical teachers. For so long I managed to be inspired by their love for where I came from, neglecting my own ability to translate those sounds that I grew up with into my own music. But now, it is time for me to bring the sounds, melodies and rhythms of my ancestral home into my own 21st century journey and story".

The first song Sepp and his band Blurred Vision will release is "Five". An auto biographical tale of his family (consisting of five members) and the harrowing journey they would embark on that is now so relatable to millions around the world. It is the first taste of what's to come from the band as ancient Persian instruments like the Ney (a flute like instrument), Santur, Daff, Tombak and many other sounds are combined with electronic beats, synthesizers, orchestral scores and guitars all on the foundation of the "stadium/arena sound" (Record Collector Magazine) that the band have been hailed as having.

The song will be accompanied by two visual aides with a lyric video that has Persian king - Cyrus The Great's - ancient tomb reimagined in an animation that gives a clear view of how it would have looked 2500 years ago at the height of the Persian empire. The animated visual was created by fellow Iranian animator and designer Mokhtar Saghafi. The second will be the official music video that brings never before seen footage beamed straight out of Iran, as Sepp works closely with renowned documentary film-makers in the country showing the ancient scenery and some of the steps Sepp and his family may have taken to leave their homeland.

In this groundbreaking new musical landscape, Sepp's intention as an artist is to bridge the ever expanding gap between his adopted home in the West where he's grown up, and the ever closed off nation of Iran where he was born and is so deeply bonded to.

"Since 1979, my homeland has been held in the grips of oppression by the Islamic Republic and the Ayatollahs who took power then. My hope is to share the immense cultural richness of ancient Persia and to shine a spotlight on a history that not only gives me great pride to be a part of, but is a great celebration of the wonderful advancements of humanity that bond my ancestral home to our modern world.”

Written by Sepp Osley & Sohl Osley

Produced by Sepp Osley & Jake Bradford Sharp

Mixed by Sepp Osley

Mastered by Denis Blackham