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"Stadium/arena sound with intellectual clout" - Record Collector Magazine. Launched in 2010 with support of Roger Waters. Based in London, UK. Album two coming soon..."

Blurred Vision 2019 - Photo Judy Totton

Lead by the creative vision and songwriting of frontman and founder Sepp Osley, London four piece Blurred Vision are a band set out to break the confines of genre based music. Blending electronic sounds with ancient rhythms and melodies on a foundation of a hard hitting rock 'n' roll band, stylisticly described as a mashup of Depeche Mode meets Muse, 80's Bowie meets 70's Pink Floyd, the group are taking their lessons from legendary heroes not to mimic but to create a new and infectuous contemporary style and path of their own

With the announcement of a new live lineup, Blurred Vision released their long awaited second album 'Redemption' on 5 June 2020. Produced by Terry Brown, the band and are preparing to take fans on a new musical journey. Album two will make your hips move, your mind think, and your heart feel - It is a contemporary ride through the genre breaking, multi layered world of Blurred Vision's new sound!

The new lineup sees the addition of some of London's hottest young musicians. Joining Sepp Osley will be Bentley Levy on bass, Jake Bradford Sharp on drums, and most recently, Jake Libretto on guitars.


One of the highlights of 2019 for the new group saw the ‘Dear John’ Concert in aid of War Child UK, a charity very close to Sepp Osley for obvious reasons. To celebrate the birthday of the great John Lennon, one of Sepp’s biggest musical heroes, the group’s song ‘Dear John’ turned into a single release, a video, and a concert all in aid of the charity. The video sees the likes of legendary musician Peter Gabriel (who supported the project by not only appearing in the video but spreading it to his fans around the world through his online channels) joined by everyone from Paul Young to PP Arnold, Maxi Jazz, Marc Almond, Geddy Lee, Donovan & so many more wishing John a Happy Birthday!

Blurred Vision Promotion John Lennon Hard Rock Hotel. Photo by Eric Duvet

Peter Gabriel supports and makes cameo appearance in Blurred Vision's video










The hugely successful show took place at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel at Marble Arch. The evening saw Blurred Vision joined by Steve Hogarth of Marillion, hit maker Nick Van Eede of 80’s giants Cutting Crew, and various other artists who spanned different genres and generations, all coming together to celebrate the music and legacy of the Beatles’ icon. (Plans for a 2020 concert to celebrate what would have been Lennon’s 80th birthday are already being planned by Sepp and the band…)


Blurred Vision biography

“If you know your history, then you will know where you’re coming from”
Bob Marley poignantly sang those words which apply so aptly to the story of this celebrated band.

From escaping war torn Iran with his family as a young child to being displayed in museums around the world with the likes of Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, the story of Sepp Osley and his band Blurred Vision is as inspiring as the music they set out to make.

Launched in 2010, the then Canadian based band made up of Sepp Osley, brother Sohl Osley and drummer Ben Riley shot to world wide acclaim and attention when their remake of Pink Floyd’s iconic anthem “Another Brick In The Wall pt.2” became an “international phenomenon” as written by the Toronto Star and Associated Press at the time. Dubbed “Hey Ayatollah Leave Those Kids Alone” the band set out to create a musical message of support for the youth of Iran, who were gripped in protests against the oppressive regime of the
Ayatollahs, and in turn gained the backing and endorsement of Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters and created what would later be honoured as one of the “top 100 most influential pop videos of all time” (MTV Europe).

The group went on to become the only Canadian act invited to perform at The Beatles 50th Anniversary Concert in New York City, performed at World Pride in Toronto for a crowd of over 2 million people and released their debut album ‘Organised Insanity’ in 2015 to critical acclaim
working with legendary producer Terry Brown. The band were also honoured as ambassadors of NYC charity WhyHunger, joining legends Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Tom Morello, the John Lennon Estate and others in the fight against hunger and poverty.

Since then, and lead by the vision of front man and co-founder Sepp Osley who had now moved to London UK, personnel changes were made in 2018 and the trio became a quartet making them now a predominantly British group. Joining Sepp are Britons Jake Bradford Sharp on drums, Bentley Levy on bass, and Jake Libretto on guitars.

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