Blurred Vision Announced for Ramblin’ Man Fair 2020!

Photo courtesy of Eric Duvet Photography

Blurred Vision were announced to play Ramblin' Man Fair 2020, at the Prog Awards in London that took place on Thursday night, 12th September. On the eve that saw Pink Floyd legend Nick Mason taking home the Prog God Award, Ramblin' Man Fair founder Chris Ingham celebrated his own award by winning Event Of The Year for the festival's Prog stage.

Within his acceptance speech, Ingham made his announcement for the Prog stage lineup for 2020, declaring "the sheer songwriting class of Blurred Vision".
Read the full article over at

Blurred Vision will take to the Prog In The Park stage Saturday, 18 July, alongside iconic bands playing throughout the festival.

From everyone at Blurred Vision headquarters we want to thank Chris Ingham for his most kind words for the band and for inviting Blurred Vision back to the great festival that is Ramblin' Man. We'd also like to congratulate Chris and the entire Ramblin' Man team on their most deserved award at this year's Prog Awards.

And in run up to next year, don't forget the John Lennon Tribute Concert in aid of War Child UK taking place 9th October at the Hard Rock Hotel in Marble Arch.
Please donate what you can to help the band in their fundraising campaign for the charity and to reach their goal. All donations go directly to War Child and you can donate on the Blurred Vision JustGiving Page here:
To reserve your free tickets to the show please visit

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