John Lennon Tribute Concert Announced






On 9th October 2019, musicians and artists from different generations, different genres and different backgrounds will come together at the newly opened Hard Rock Hotel in Marble Arch to celebrate the music, legacy and birthday of Beatle legend John Lennon. All the proceeds from the concert will benefit War Child UK.

The concert is free to the public, but fans are being encouraged to donate what they can online. Even £10 can help in the campaign to raise as much money as possible for the charity.

And it is fitting that this significant event is the idea of a millennial musician – Sepp Osley - who himself could have been the face of War Child. Sepp was born in war torn Iran in the mid 80’s, fled the country with his family and landed in Canada. He grew up to later become the co-founder, songwriter and front man of rock band Blurred Vision.

Reflecting on why he wanted to put this show on Sepp Osley wrote -

"There is a great necessity for this incredible charity. They fight for those who have the smallest voice but the greatest of importance. They are here to let these children know that they are not forgotten. Having been born into a time of war and uncertainty, I am grateful to be able to do my little bit for this charity now as an adult and an artist.

I am also very excited to be able to put on this show and project to celebrate my great hero John Lennon, whose music taught me so much about the reality that the things that make us different mean very little in the end. The only thing that matters is our empathy towards one another and to know that attaining peace is not just a dream, but can be our reality, if we want it."

Now London based, Sepp along with his new Blurred Vision lineup, is bringing together a variety of special guests and singers to perform, celebrate and wish a happy 79th birthday to one of the world’s most iconic musical heroes - John Lennon. The show will consist of songs from John Lennon's solo catalogue and The Beatles catalogue, performed by Blurred Vision and the very special guest artists who will be announced in the run up to the event.

To reserve your free ticket to guarantee entry click here - to donate now to War Child UK click here

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