Music Stars Come Together For John Lennon Video Tribute

Want to be in the new Blurred Vision tribute video to John Lennon with legendary musicians like Geddy Lee of Rush, Maxi Jazz of Faithless, Leo Sayer, Holly Johnson and many more? Here's how you can be involved.

Blurred Vision will be releasing a 2019 remix of their single and tribute to John Lennon called 'Dear John' - on 9th October - what would have been Lennon's 79th birthday. The track will be available on all online streaming platforms.

Along with the newly remixed track, sonically updated by the band's long time producer Terry Brown, the single will be accompanied by a brand new video that brings fans and celebrity artists and musicians from around the world together to wish Lennon a happy birthday.

To be involved, all you need is your smart phone. Here's what to do:

Picture - write "happy birthday John" on a paper or large canvass and take a photo holding it.
Video - Record a short video (10 seconds max) saying "Happy Birthday John"
Email your picture or video to

Feel free to get creative if you want. Hold up Peace signs. Do it as a group or in a unique location. It's all welcomed!

On the same day as the video and single release, a very special free tribute concert will take place at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe Oxford Street, inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Marble Arch. Blurred Vision will be performing Lennon and Beatles songs with some very special guest artists. The projects will both benefit War Child UK and fans are being encouraged to donate whatever they can to help raise funds for the charity.

Have you donated on our JustGiving page yet? We wanted to remind everyone that even £5 can help us reach our goal to raise as much as we can for the charity War Child UK. The donations are Gift Aid approved and however big or small you give, you can know that each donation goes directly to the charity itself.

Please head to our JustGiving page at to make your donation and give your support to this amazing cause.

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