Blurred Vision Announce New Live Lineup


When Sepp Osley’s Blurred Vision first gained attention it was with their contemporary take on ‘Another Brick In The Wall’. Rogers Waters loved it, the track went viral big time and the band’s story began.

Now, a few years down the road, another BV landmark has been reached. Only this time the change is more an internal genesis than an external shout out. While Sepp, the core of the three strong band, remains solidly in place, there’s a change of
line-up for bass and drums.

Sepp explains. “My brother Sohl decided the time was right to retire from live music. He’s hung up his bass and, it goes without saying, will be sorely missed. His vision, wisdom and talent have left an indelible mark on the music he helped create. And as drummer Ben Riley goes on hiatus, his presence and unparalleled playing will carry on in the music he helped shape over the last eight years. I look forward to sharing the stage with him again in the future.”

In the meantime Blurred Vision have a new model.

Bentley Levy joins on bass, hailed as one of the most exciting young bassists around. On drums Blurred Vision welcome Jake Bradford Sharpe. Jake will join them on various shows but, depending on the music itself, the line-up on drums will be fluid.

“I’ve been playing with my peers recently, some of London’s best young musicians, and it was just too difficult to choose” explains Sepp. “So we all agreed – why choose at all. Blurring the lines on the drum position suits everyone, suits the music and suits the paradigm of what we want to uphold as a band. Change has always been our watchword.”

Blurred Vision’s new album has just been completed and plans are in the pipeline for live dates with the new line-up.

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Sepp Osley and Bentley Levy of Blurred Vision.

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